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Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States and the largest in the state of Texas, so finding things to do should be very easy! A vast variety of cultures, traditions, and interests make Houston a melting pot for entertainment and activities to take part in. The collection contains over 16, works dating from the Paleolithic era to the present day. You won’t regret it! The center offers a multitude of permanent exhibits, attractions, and theaters that entertain and educate the visitors. You can experience exhibits that recreate the events of lift-off, living in space, and reentry.

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I don’t do appraisals on a commercial or professional level. I only give my opinion of value of a lantern or two that a private individual might have come across, or inherited. If you have a number of lanterns that you’re planning on selling, or auctioning, and need the values on them, you need to contact someone that is in the business of doing lantern appraisals. I don’t have the expertise or ability to give values in these situations.

I suggest you contact Sue Knous of Railroad Memories. She literally wrote the book on the subject.

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Designed for farm use, it was an unintuitive piece of equipment, but also a starting point. At a whopping fourteen pounds before fuel, eight-inch diameter, and twenty-inch height, it was hard to carry. The biggest contributors to the nickel-plated brass lantern’s excessive weight were its two-quart fuel capacity and enormous glass globe. Despite the setbacks, the lantern sold well – after all, a candlepower portable lighting machine was enticing for many workers of the time.

Coleman, however, was not happy with its product’s size, and quickly went to redesigning it. Given their rarity, despite our having three, these lanterns sell for a good deal of money today. It holds one less pint of fuel a total of 3 , a necessary sacrifice to reduce the size. The AL shipped at six pounds, less than half of its big brother, and measures 14 inches tall by 6 inches in diameter. The chimney was crafted of lighter-weight mica and the fount and top were still plated with nickel.

The handle is wood. There is also a small slot underneath the globe rest where one could insert a match to light the lantern. Despite all the upgrades, less than 13, were sold across Coleman and its Yale and Sunshine subsidiaries in the s.

1919 Coleman Air-O-Lantern Model QL

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Models of Aladdin metal lamps, descriptions, pictures and conjectures. Models of Aladdin glass lamps, descriptions, pictures and conjectures. Illustrated lexicon of Aladdin lamp terms Learn what all those lamp terms mean. Links to other collector sites, and some reputable companies that sell Aladdin lamps .

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Where the fuel has remained in the stove’s tank. I test fire older stoves fairly periodically and they light just the same as they always did. Rebuilding older stoves found at flea markets, one will find all manner of contaminates inside the tank. Expiration of rust inhibitors allows corrosion and rust particulates to clog the generator and spoil the lantern or stove.

Repeatedly detail-striping of the unit can be done parts are still available, even after many years , failure to do so necessitates condemnation of the unit because of rust and corrosion Fuel storage in opened, original steel containers is subject to cycling in humidity and internal pressure as a function of weather.

results for coleman lantern COLEMAN COLEMAN LANTERN GENERATOR Model EUR + EUR postage; 6 Watching. From Australia; Coleman LED DUO LANTERN lm, Two Rechargeable Detachable Pods *USA Brand. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international postage options and costs.

Batmobile Synopsis for “The Man from Robin’s Past” Batman and Robin, passing by a circus on the outskirts of Gotham, notice two thieves wanted for a jewelry robbery in Midville duck into the tent of Sando, the Strongman. They go after the thugs, but a glancing shot frees a tiger from its cage and forces them to break off battle. Sando himself lifts a cage and heaves it over the tiger.

Soon, Batman finds a diamond from the store loot in Sando’s tent, and the strongman, refusing to answer questions, is jailed on suspicion. Robin believes that he might talk to his old friend, Dick Grayson. Dick is allowed to see Sando the next day, and is welcomed with open arms. The scene reminds Dick of his playful tugs of war with Sando when he was a child, and of the night that gangsters rigged a fatal accident for his trapeze-riding parents to force Haly, the owner of the circus, to pay protection money.

On that night, Dick Grayson first met Batman, who trained him to become Robin, and fought alongside of him to bring his parents’ murderers to justice.

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Use your mouse or arrow keys to explore. Looking for a travel trailer to rent this summer for your family vacation? If you are looking for sleeping space for 8, dual entry, an outside kitchen, and a set of double size bunk beds, then step inside the Coleman Lantern Series BHWE travel trailer by Dutchmen RV.

Nov 12,  · recently plunked down $50 for a new Coleman unleaded lantern, he wondered what the ether would do to its plastic generator. You don’t want to find out, Coleman .

Oil Lamp Collars Lamp collars are fastened onto the top of the oil fount. They are threaded and allow a burner to be attached to the lamp. They are generally made of brass, with the exception of some very early examples which were made of pewter. Collars can be plain, or decoratively embossed. Collars are generally “cemented” onto a flanged lip molded onto the fount.

Some variations are pressed together or crimped onto the fount. American collars come in three basic sizes which are described below. This shows collar sizes 1 through 3 for comparison. These collars would have been ‘cemented’ onto the fount using Plaster of Paris. Here is an example of a plain, double-ring collar. This is a 1.

This is an example of the Miller Band Collar.

Coleman Lantern Series 215BHWE

Figuring out which lantern you have is often no more difficult than reading the frame rest. The frame rest is that band right above the lantern’s fount and most lanterns since the s have their model designation stamped there. Dating your lantern can be a little harder.

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The temperature on the trip was warm, around 65 F 18C at night when I was using the lantern, up to 90 F 32 C during the day. The weather was dry, so I did not have any chance to use it in the rain. I have also taken the lantern with me on 2 weekend trips, one in central Ohio and the other in Southwestern Pennsylvania Ohiopyle State Park. On both of these trips, the weather was hot same temperature range as above but much more humid.

It rained quite a bit on one of the trips, but the lantern itself stayed dry in my pack. First, I have the most experience using the light inside my tent, which for the trips above has predominantly been a good sized 4-man tent. On the low setting, the lantern provides plenty of light for most tent activities, including reading, writing, and playing cards.

Although the amount of light is plentiful, the difficulty I noted with the uneven distribution of the light has been more of an issue. When the lantern is placed on the ground of the tent, it gives good light in specific directions see pictures above , but has many dark areas. It also does not project light upwards very well, so that it is not great for card playing.

When the lantern was hung from the tent ceiling, it provided good illumination throughout although I note this has only been possible in 1 of my tents. For reading in my sleeping bag, I have found that the best strategy is to lie the lantern on its side, either next to me or on my chest, as this allows the light to be projected onto the pages. On the high setting, the lantern is an adequate light source for setting up camp in the dark. Fortunately, I have not had any need to use the emergency flashing setting.

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Dating a Coleman® lantern is very easy, 95% of the time. Most made after the mids have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or the bottom edge of the fount (tank).

Etymology[ edit ] The English word “dome” ultimately derives from the Latin domus “house” —which, up through the Renaissance, labeled a revered house, such as a Domus Dei, or “House of God”, regardless of the shape of its roof. This French definition gradually became the standard usage of the English dome in the eighteenth century as many of the most impressive Houses of God were built with monumental domes, and in response to the scientific need for more technical terms. A dome is a rounded vault made of either curved segments or a shell of revolution , meaning an arch rotated around its central vertical axis.

Sometimes called “false” domes, corbel domes achieve their shape by extending each horizontal layer of stones inward slightly farther than the lower one until they meet at the top. The validity of this is unclear, as domes built underground with corbelled stone layers are also in compression from the surrounding earth. The top of a dome is the “crown”. The inner side of a dome is called the “intrados” and the outer side is called the “extrados”.

A tambour or lantern is the equivalent structure over a dome’s oculus, supporting a cupola.

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These books not only provide maps of Hoosier areas dating from to , but also provide rich historical details of the central Indiana region. Within this collection there are narrative histories, biographical information about Indiana pioneers, detailed illustrations of people and places, statistical tables, and much more.

Historians and hobbyists alike should find this collection both information rich and entertaining. Historic Indiana Maps Supported by Center for Digital Scholarship Maps are often beautiful illustrations of our history, the human-environmental interaction, and natural features of our state and its communities.

lantern and while No date on the manual but I suspect that early to mid s would be in the ballpark. I heard on a lantern forum that Coleman #51 mantles may also work.

Appreciation On a high hill near Staunton River several miles east of Clover, Woodlawn stands silently, a dominant landmark for more than years. Woodlawn is the easternmost of the great plantation houses built along the Staunton River in Halifax County from the late 18th to the mid th centuries. Perhaps the least known of the Staunton River mansions, Woodlawn is, in the opinion of this writer, one of the most important houses still standing in the county, equaled by few and surpassed by only one– Berry Hill.

The purpose of this article is two-fold, to demonstrate its importance and to record its history, in depth, for the first time. Its hill top site makes it appear even taller than it actually is. Built of heart pine, using both wooden pegs and handwrought nails, it boasts one of the finest exterior cornices to be found in Halifax County. The mansion has had few changes made to it and thus its major architectural features are nearly all in their original state.

Major alterations include the replacement of the original shingle roof with the present metal one, the front and end porches and the addition of a small room at the back. The form of the original front porch is unknown; the Gothic-style arches and the latticework of both the present front and end porches are similar to several others in the county and probably date from the s.

This is probably when the room and porch on the back were added, also. Woodlawn has seven major rooms, three halls and a small storage room on two floors. The full, unfinished attic is entered through openings in the ceilings of the upstairs halls, while access to the basement is only from the outside.

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