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Originally Posted by trc65 View Post It may not be, but they sure are pretty! What do you think about using the gun blue to raise the etch? Got any before pics of the etch? I’ve read about the process, but never tried it. All the saws I’ve refurbished have been too far gone to worry about it. I don’t have any before pics but I think most etches can be saved in this fashion.

Guide to Collecting Antique Hand Tools

On Wednesday, researchers just announced a series of major security vulnerabilities in the microprocessors at the heart of the world’s computers for the past years. They’ve been named Spectre and Meltdown , and they have to do with manipulating different ways processors optimize performance by rearranging the order of instructions or performing different instructions in parallel. An attacker who controls one process on a system can use the vulnerabilities to steal secrets elsewhere on the computer.

The research papers are here and here.

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View all comments 8 Anita BennettFeb 22, I hope to God all this mess about a Divorce in not true, I have a lot of faith in you and your action for helping people. I love your music and your gift to bring people into concerts. Saw your video today and no more of the men an friends I lost there much different. I need a hand an I am not getting it. We are United States Soilders we gave our time took our lives an sacrafised our familys for you.

Its fine job that you are doing but ya gotta remeber the people that fight are less than 1 an I fall in that catagory thanks for your support. A great concert and a HUNK too boot. A very cute picture and I still have that picture today. It’ll be something that my grandson can cherish. For he’s 7 years old. And he calls Trace his buddy. I love all of Trace’s music and him as well.

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The medallions on Disston handsaws changed more over time than any other feature on the saw. By using the medallion, you can estimate the age of your saw. The Medallions and Timeline of Saw Manufacture The medallions on Disston saws give the most accurate indication of manufacturing dates for handsaws, panel saws, and backsaws. The first complete timeline of Disston handsaws was written by Pete Taran and published in the Winter issue of the Fine Tool Journal.

At that time the season was the best record in Troy history with records dating back to The season saw the Red Wave win their first eight games en route to a regular season record. Atkins’ team was about as good, going Troy’s Al Head quarterbacked that tem.

Look for chisels with wooden handles or with specialty, curved blades. Buying Antique Tools Ideally, you’ll be able to find hand tools in person. The quality of a tool, and its usability is difficult to determine remotely. However, there are several reputble antique dealers where you may find just the thing you were looking for: Bob Kaune – An incredibly easy-to-navigate site that sells many types of antique tools including saws, chisels and planes.

The site organizes most tools by their manufacturer, making it easy to pick out something specific.

Best Rotary Shavers

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Philips Norelco Shaver Is a rotary shaver best for you? Rotary razors are popular with lots of men, but experts say that the nature of your face and beard play a large role in determining whether one is right for you. We noted some of the advantages of rotary shavers in the introduction to this report, but experts say they have some significant drawbacks for some users. Where foil shavers , such as the Braun Series 7 cc Est. Dan Koeppel at TheSweethome.

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How to identify a valuable Disston handsaw

It takes ages of fiddling around and making copious test cuts to get it to saw square in two different planes. Then you might get two descent cuts and before you know it the blade grabs the stock and the setting is lost again. It also tends to burn the incredibly hard African timber I work with. So I decided to look for an alternative solution. I have the exact same large miter box and saw here at the shop.

My theory is some sort of dope deal transpired between the two manufacturers.

I saw how — how the training and — and there was a few world champions that trained there. After less than a year of dating, Ramon dropped to one knee. Lieutenant Mike Atkins works for.

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Saw Handle Scans

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May 24,  · I am not saying it can’t or won’t happen, but there would have to be a rather long transition period where fuel injected saws are introduced to the lineup thereby replacing all of the carb’d and m-tronic carb saws and then the parts supply would have to dry up.

Apr 1 This company was best known for making handsaws, circular sawblades and bandsaw blades, but they also made grinders and cooperage machinery. Atkins started business under his own name in An ad shows that he had licensed and manufactured patented designs for muley saws and crosscut saws. The partnership incorporated as “E.

It lasted until at least As far back as , Elias C. Atkins received patents for sawblades and for machines for manufacturing saws.

Setting and Straightening/Saw Restoration Part 3