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This article explores the characteristics of Nairobi underground hip hop that fit under a common theme of what I term as the music’s “political seriousness,” which is the common notion that the music must be substantive, thought-provoking, socially critical, and never vacuous. This political seriousness is composed of four characteristics: Mau Mau gendered legacies, political love, a reliance on neoliberalism, and a critique of the state. Hip hop’s goal is to make a political space that both proves its worth and remedies Kenya’s flawed polity. This is an imperfect endeavor, as its dependence on late capitalism, normative gender constructions, and conventional understandings of the Mau Mau war contribute to rap’s troubling tendencies. Nonetheless, these artists regard hip hop as authentic or real music because it advocates for the economically disenfranchised, contributes to Kenyan social commentary, and participates in an imagined global hip hop culture.

Hip Hop Hookup; Kenya’s Celebration of Music at It’s Best

Composed of almost an all female cast, Fiona’s Script is a story of a shy bisexual woman and her struggles with love, friendships, and her carrier. Title character Fiona Sonia Monejano is a twenty-something year old Latina who is trying to get over the recent breakup with her long time boyfriend Sebastian Allan Lazo. For months she has been working on a screenplay but struggles to make anything of it.

Feeling drained and uninspired Fiona spends most of her time reading, daydreaming, and trying to write. Fiona receives a wake-up call when she loses her job, this pushes her and gives her enough motivation to try to make her screenplay a reality.

For The Love Of The Game, Hip Hop Hook Up This March February 25, at SARAKASI DOME,AMANI LAZIMA in conjuction with WASHAMBA WENZA,MOHJAY and NAFSI HURU presents the BEST of HIPHOP ACTS right at the heart of NAIROBI.

Print Article AA We’re back with another batch of fresh local hip-hop. Find more homegrown hip-hop in our That’s a Rap archives Logistixx – “Dreams” Logistixx has an extremely sophisticated flow — seemingly formless stream-of-consciousness as if it were off the dome, but much better written. In “Dreams,” the flow is wholly unpredictable and thus fully engaging. The story Logistixx tells is detailed and full of images that stick around, the type of lyrics that reward with more listens.

The beat is pure ’90s bliss. Tell them haters to swallow. Myrical – “Motivated” featuring Jasmine Love Myrical delivers an impassioned couple of verses with focus and clarity, helped in no small part by the simple but effective kinetic typography. The lyrics here are simple but have an understated, assured style: This is a well-executed recipe for Myrical.

SP puts on a show of technical proficiency, packing multisyllable rhymes in quick-spitted triplets.

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By bungtje I am not good in numbers but the equation was right this time: It means triple the fun we had in Brussels, where three bands collaborated to make one damn cool song. Declerck is the Programs Officer of Jeunesses Musicales International , the organization who, hand-in-hand with World Bank Institute , organizes the competition.

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Now before you close out this browser in disgust, let me give you some perspective. Even though New York was the mecca and birthplace of Hip Hop, not many people I knew back in high school were getting down with east coast rap like that. Unless you had peoples in other places or cable , your listening aesthetics were very much influenced by regional media.

Most of the rap music getting piped down to us by the radio stations was coming out of Los Angeles N. When I finally revisited Illmatic with some college friends, my ears were more receptive to rich tones and tapestry laid behind Mr. My mind was blown.

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Below the shared post, several people including Budha Blaze showed their frustration with the situation, some calling out Smallz and accusing him for allegedly being unscrupulous, a con and a thief. A part of tens of rappers who have made a mark in the past decade, Smallz has had a fair share of controversies, beefing with almost everyone is par for the course for him. At the time, Smallz tried to explain that he did not need radio airplay, because he owed his fame to the streets, the fans who seek him out for his music.

He has also had beef with Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka. Back to matters current… According to Smallz, Kemunto is a wannabe who deserves contempt. He explains that the incident in question happened in , not recently and that the lady was just seeking fame.

He has been involved in the Ugandan hip-hop community since , and is a co-founder of the Uganda hip-hop foundation, which empowers youth through hip-hop music and culture. Young Life (Vanuatu) is an urban reggae band from the shantytowns of Port Vila.

On another platform, this one being a Snapchat session, the Maybach Music CEO smacks around Birdman over reports that he could be losing his Miami mansion. Birdman with one of his biggest assets, Nicki Minaj Photo: Ross has previously alleged that Birdman has not paid Lil Wayne in their ongoing lawsuit because he simply does not have the money anymore. The Blast also said it has procured court documents, which revealed that Birdman took out the loan from a company called EMG Transfer Agent.

This latest bit of news counters what has been recently reported about Cash Money and its founder. In a Snapchat video, Rick Ross responded to Birdman potentially losing his Miami mansion and alleged that he may have borrowed money from his rumored wife Toni Braxton and said he might consider buying the mansion to park his boat. You should have came and borrowed some from Rozay. And as a parting shot, like a wild left hook to the cranium after the bell sounds, Rick Ross added this powerful punch: Just to keep my boat at it.

Earlier this year, Birdman responded to his critics over his Lil Wayne feud by taking credit for his success and denied that he owes money, according to a Billboard report. In the profanity-laced tirade, Birdman fired off shots at Rick Ross without referring to the rapper specifically.

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Raise your hands to the playa night sky and celebrate the greats. Enjoy 50 gallons of hand-crafted highly-reinforced Playa Sangria while dancing to salsa, cumbia, merengue, boricua, latin hip hop, and other juicy international beats Contact Want to join us on the playa? Or hang with us in Dolores Park?

Oct 06,  · Dis nigga Hellczar done lost his damn mind lately skeeting in random chicks, trying to hook up with white girls. Shit, sounds like story of my life LOL x 2; Post a link I’ve only seen her dome vids and looked good. Mayne nothing more I despise than a wack bitch. Hip-Hop News & Black Culture. Forums > Entertainment > The Pic.

Does That Make Sense? I had never been an avid follower of the group, so I wanted to see what all of the hype was about. However, the quality of this album really surprised me—it’s clear that they’re a talented group of boys. Let’s take a closer look at the album that reeled me in: What Am I To You. This is the perfect hip-hop beginning that sets the vibe for the rest of the album. Their lead single, “Danger,” is their next track.

It’s a bit confusing as to why any girl would play flakey with these guys, but it’s a perfect “I’m frustrated” song to jam out too. The versatility of each member mixes together into a perfect harmony of sound. This theme carries onto the next track, “Hormone War. They combine this with soft vocals, again treating the ears to a multiple-layered melody. The album slows down with “Let Me Know.

T.I. – The Dime Trap

A year after that tape, Joyner was signed to Atlantic records and began working on his subsequent effort, , which leads us to this write up. Admittedly, I was not excited in the least to get into it given its length 83 minutes , but once I was a few tracks in, I found myself increasingly enamoured with every passing song. One of the first things that stands out about is the voicemail concept Joyner decided to go for with this album. At the end of nearly every track, a voicemail from someone in Joyners life plays, berating him for a multitude of reasons such as his gambling habits, giving unsolicited advice to children, neglecting his girlfriend on valentine’s day or even stealing from his friends.

How much of this is based in fact is up to the listener, as one of Joyners strengths is his ability to create powerful dialogues in his music.

Despite its flaws, Stillmatic is perhaps the best hip-hop album of the year and certainly the best Nas album since is a must buy LP that will provide definite listening satisfaction.

Share on Whatsapp Rapper Lal Daggy Lal Daggy proves that music is truly a world within itself in a language we all understand. Being deaf does not lock him out of this world nor stop him from speaking the language. He easily connects with his audience with his face, hands, arms and body as he did with the performance of his single Story ya Machampions. Story ya Machampions narrates the life of the year-old, deaf rapper. Lal turned deaf at a very tender age after an unknown illness.

All he knows is that his mother left when he was two years old and that affected him a lot growing up then suddenly at five years of age, he lost his hearing. It was his father, whom he calls his guardian angel, who has stood by him all this time. The story continues in our interview after his show ends. We find a sales lady, Dorice Asaala who agrees to be an interpreter. I started recording in River Road for a while until I was introduced to Nonini.

During our interview, Lal and Dorice opt to stand; it helps with their communication, we learn. We pose a question to Dorice who signs it to Lal who responds in sign language as Dorice interprets the answer. But this is the least of his problems.