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Athlone McGinnis Athlone is a young man whose background gives him unique insight on sociological and cultural changes that are happening today. Parts of the manosphere have long been preoccupied with questions about the role that Jews play in modern society. Though many participants in these discussions seek to remain civil in their discourse, it is often not long before a number of anti-semitic voices begin to make themselves heard, backing their viewpoints with citations from the likes of David Duke and often damaging the legitimacy of the discussion beyond repair. Denizens of the manosphere are not shy when it comes to discussions about IQ, its variations in different population groups, and the influence that said variations allegedly have on the respective roles that these population groups play in society. When it comes to certain minorities blacks in particular , IQ takes on a prominent role in many a manosphere discussion, serving as a primary justification for arguments that stand against interracial unions, mass immigration, and integration. Many simply take it as a given that differences in group IQ as measured by a host of studies on the matter lead to differences in group outcomes. It is the difference in group IQ, they posit, that provides most of the impetus for socio-economic distinctions between some groups in western countries ex: The studies used to substantiate the existence of these group IQ differences, however, do not merely speak of whites, blacks, and hispanics. Many go into plenty of detail with regard to the IQ of the Ashkenazi Jewish population, and have concluded that it is very high. Those who trust these studies and their conclusions about various group IQs are often the same individuals who ask the kind of questions posed at the beginning of this article:

Human rights

Traineeships Join us as a trainee and help defend human rights in Europe! Twice per year we welcome young graduates into our organisation as trainees. For them it is a chance to gain valuable experience in a complex multi-cultural and stimulating work environment. For us, we benefit from the enthusiasm, motivation and skills that new graduates bring. Our traineeships last from eight weeks to five months, and are not remunerated.

KICK OFF is Africa’s most successful soccer magazine and is widely recognised as the leading authority on South African soccer. It is the most trusted source of all information regarding the game.

But the separation only intensified the passion between Macron, then 16 going on 17, and Brigitte Auziere, then On most summer weekends while Macron was still in high school, they would meet at the pool and Macron would hide in the bushes if anyone approached, wearing a towel over his bathing suit, Brun notes. They also spit on the doors of the future first lady of France, Brun writes. When she met Macron at the private, Jesuit-run high school where she worked as a literature and drama teacher, Brigitte seemed happily married to banker Andre-Louis Auziere, with whom she was raising their three children.

She was one of the most popular teachers at the local high school, inviting her students for cocktails at her home, and encouraging them to call her by her first name, former students told Brun. Macron played the lead role of the manager of a small theater company whose theater burns down. They seemed really good together, even at that time.


Shia Islam Most Shia traditions regard the practice as obligatory. They rely on sayings that come from classical Shia authors. In one narration Muhammad was asked if an uncircumcised man could go to pilgrimage. They quote Ali as saying: Another narration from Al-Sadiq says: It is also believed that the urine of the uncircumcised is impure, while if one prays with unclean genitals their prayer may not be considered as acceptable, even of those who have been circumcised, meaning that it may have to be repeated again at a time when the believer has purified themselves and removed the impurity.

Geni users are very active in discussions, where topics range from collaboration to help for beginners. A wealth of genealogy knowledge is shared in the discussions, and this is a great place for new users to get a feel for what Geni can offer.

Share this article Share Had the court ruled that they were entitled to compensation, taxpayers could have been landed with a bill for millions of pounds as thousands more convicts crawled out of the woodwork to lodge similar claims. The most disturbing aspect, however, is that such matters have to be decided by foreign judges and not by British MPs. How absurd that the question of whether or not prisoners should get the vote rests on a decision by a supra-national court comprised of judges for whom no one has ever had the chance to vote.

We may kid ourselves that we live in a parliamentary democracy, but the reality is that we are ultimately governed by a judicial dictatorship, accountable to no one, with its power base in Strasbourg. Radical Islamist cleric Abu Qatada was sent back to Jordan after more than a decade of legal battles It’s bad enough when government policy is re-written by unelected jurists from countries such as the former Soviet satellite states, with no distinguished history of respect for genuine human rights.

But increasingly, British judges are flexing their muscles, too. Lord Neuberger, president of Britain’s Supreme Court — a typical Blairite, European-style institution — has admitted that the Human Rights Act has given the courts a blank cheque to make up laws as they go along. Judges are using the excuse of ‘human rights’ to establish new rules on everything from privacy and sham marriages to assisted suicide. They are handing down the most perverse interpretations of statute, which often fly in the face of justice and decency.

Yet far from expressing reservations about this unaccountable judiciary and its implications for democracy, Neuberger declares that it’s a good thing — because it keeps governments in check. That stands the entire principle of British justice on its head.

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I have received highly credible accounts that if Putin invades any portion of Ukraine, exclusive of Crimea, that the United States is prepared to enact a no-fly zone over Syria in order to prevent the Russians from continuing to arm Assad with the necessary weapons to make an American invasion of Syria very costly in terms of lives and money. The United States, in an attempt to prolong the life of the Petrodollar needs to first invade Syria and then Iran to take control of payment obligations when it comes to Middle Eastern oil.

These same insider reports also indicate that Putin is prepared to counter any strike upon Syria with an attack upon Alaska and the former Soviet Socialist Republics in Eastern Europe. An additional report for this claim comes from an advisor to the Russian Parliament by the name of Roman Kokorev. But according to some Russian sources, Kokorev does not hold any such position.

Listen to S Kape @ U.M.E Session – Elastic – Strasbourg part 2 by U.M.E RADIO SHOW for free. Follow U.M.E RADIO SHOW to never miss another show.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in

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The less the funds earn, the more taxpayers may have to pay, under state formulas designed to bring pension assets closer to long-term pension obligations. SERS fell short despite its history of spending hundreds of milions of dollars a year on fees paid to a range of private managers and strategies designed to boost returns while protecting investments from weak markets. SERS’s stocks, bonds, real estate and hedge funds all posted returns below the fund target.

Only one category, “alternative investments,” posted higher returns than the 7. But even alternative investment returns sagged, posting a loss of 0. The Vanguard funds in Montco’s portfolio returned 7.

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Ndivhuwo Mabaya, , MabayaN dirco. We, the leaders of the European Union and South Africa, reaffirm the importance of our Strategic Partnership based on shared principles, equality and interests. We note that our meeting takes place years after the birth of Nelson Mandela and is an opportunity to build on his unique legacy. Let me begin by conveying the gratitude of my delegation for the warm welcome and excellent hospitality extended to us, in both Strasbourg and Brussels, by our friends and partners in the European Union.

This latest flare-up is the worst since the day conflict in It is a great honour and a privilege to address this gathering in the centenary year of the birth of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the founding father of our democratic nation, a revered statesman and a committed internationalist. Introduction – I am honoured and delighted to be here in Madrid.

We just completed very successful political Consultations between Spain and South Africa, a forum which continues to contribute positively towards deepening the political and economic ties between our two countries.

Fun costumes and signs at the 2014 Broad Street Run

Died in Iraq in December Indications but no proof that he committed suicide attack Abu al-Baraa al-Belgiki, an anonymous fighter of Algerian descent, who served as emir for Islamic State in the Syrian town of Saraqib and was killed there in January Ouafae Sarrar, aka Umm Djarrah, wife of Shariah4Belgium recruit and Islamic State fighter Ilyass Boughalab. Anonymous Islamic State fighter from Antwerp. Spanish-Moroccan IS fighter who resided in Belgium prior to his departure.

Joined March 0 Photos and videos Photos and videos Tweets. Tweets Tweets, current page. Inscription https://www. vicenow-imakumo-paris/ #afterwork #Strasbourg #ITSM SAVE THE DATE – 30 nov. Venez partager le retour d’expérience de l’Université du Luxembourg sur le déploiement de la solution ITSM de.

We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Log in or go back to the homepage. European Union and U. Thijs ter Haar via Flickr The U. Negotiators made the breakthrough Tuesday as national regulators threatened to impose tight restrictions on how firms move information across the Atlantic. The new deal seeks to address concerns that American spies had unfettered access to private data on European citizens.

Paris terror After the the tragedy in Paris, some U. But rather than backtrack, EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourova continued to press for better privacy protection — arguing that the mass data collection revealed by former U. Among the commitments will be the creation of a special ombudsman in the U.

Dating in Boston is a man’s world

One MIT researcher even developed an algorithm showing that if each single male in Boston were to eliminate all undesirable matches, he is still left with about 2, female options. In other disappointing news, the results from a survey by Glamour Magazine and Match. One out of every eight men in Boston expects to have sex on the first date, according to the survey, more than any of the other 10 cities on the list.

Boston also ranked first in another category with more than a quarter of women reporting that they were unhappy with their dating lives in Boston. Advertisement With statistics like these, it makes sense that women would be anxious about dating.

Population and Societies Population & Societies is a four-page popular science journal published in French and English. Every month, it covers a different population question relating to France or other parts of the world.

Sunday’s poll, carried out by Comres for the Independent on Sunday newspaper, also suggests the anti-EU and anti-immigration policies of the UK Independence Party UKIP remain popular even though Cameron has already deployed tougher rhetoric on both issues. Asked by the newspaper whether foreign companies had raised concerns, Cable said: What I say to businesses as a government minister is that the risks of us leaving the EU are very, very low … and I just try to reassure foreign investors.

Britons named UKIP as their favourite political party in the poll, dealing a setback to Cameron ahead of elections to the European Parliament. The survey came days after another poll showed Cameron’s Conservatives are set to finish behind UKIP in the May election, meaning they are on course to finish third in a nationwide vote for the first time. Though UKIP has no seats in the British parliament, its popularity is a problem for Cameron because it threatens to split his own vote at a national election in , depriving him of outright victory.

Its strong poll ratings also worry eurosceptic lawmakers in Cameron’s own party who want him to adopt a tougher anti-EU stance, something he has balked at, raising the possibility of a damaging internal rift of the kind that contributed to the downfall of the last two Conservative prime ministers. If the Conservatives do particularly badly at the May elections for the European Parliament, a significant number of eurosceptic lawmakers are threatening to stir up trouble for Cameron.

UKIP has 13 seats in the European parliament and took a quarter of the votes cast in local elections in May. It wants Britain to leave the EU and an end to what it calls “open-door” immigration. There is evidence it has siphoned support from all political parties, but it has attracted a large number of former Conservative voters in particular. The poll came as UKIP was battling to restore party discipline after one of its local councillors in England caused it embarrassment by saying recent flooding across Britain was God’s punishment for parliament backing gay marriage.

‘Stranded motorist’ in alleged GoFundMe scam suspended from state job: report

The presence of the hearth temple suggests that, long ago, the place of the altar was not in front of the temple as in the well-known practice of the thysia, but rather within it. Indeed, these fireplaces, which are always discovered in a central position within these buildings, are far from being limited to domestic use, such as cooking. Instead, these structures, associated with other elements, such as particular ceramic forms, votives, or tools, offer us the possibility to understand a truly ancient ritual use of the kitchen — that of sacrifice, most probably practiced by the local ruler himself.

Thus, commensal dining is also attested in these buildings that share some characteristics with later prytaneion containing the holy fire of Hestia, goddess of the hearth. In this respect, this study will touch upon an origin of Greek sacrifice of sacerdotal nature, but one nevertheless restricted to specific demographic groups, such as those who participated in heroic feats, war, or cynegetic activities as well as horsemen.

Manufacturer of design since , Habitat offers more than references of furniture and sofas for a contemporary interior.

When I started blogging my year to 50, I was a newbie. I never dreamed that my 49th year would be one of the most extraordinary years of my life. Losing my spouse at the end of turned my world upside down. The grief and loneliness I felt during that period was overwhelming. Many of you, my dear readers, have shared my life after 50 transformation journey with me. Oh yes, yes, yes, how could I forget creating an award-winning blog and becoming a yoga instructor too. Looking Ahead To My 60s Pondering my 60s, I wonder what life has in store for me during the next 10 years.

Sometimes I wish I could look into a crystal ball and ask.

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