Pastor Chris Oyahilome and His Trip Zimbabwe

This is why I decided to share some of these precious words with you — I already posted these words of prayer on another page on the blog and the testimonies have been so inspiring and the requests touching. I pray that God will guide you, and fill you with the spirit of wisdom, and revelation in the knowledge of God, I pray that He will enlighten the eyes of your understanding, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. I pray that He will cause you to increase, in every way, cause you to make progress in your life, may God continually review Himself to you, in the greater measure all the time, may He fulfill His divine purpose in your life. I speak in the name of Jesus, that the power of the Spirit of God will move you from where you today to the next and higher level of success; I decree in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the circumstances, men, materials, finances, will fall into place to cause you to move to the next and higher level of success. The grace of God is working in you, in the name of the Lord Jesus; doors are opening for you now, opportunities are opening for you now, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I speak by the power of God, your name is coming up for opportunities now, your file is coming up in the name of Jesus.


Some leaders are well-known for their involvement with celebrities, while others have been questioned in regards to their financial transparency that is required by all non-for-profit organizations that these churches house. Some pastors on this list took their success within the walls of their own church globally with television channels and radio shows, and some published books and spread their word through their parishioners.

What all of these religious leaders have in common is their incredible wealth, earned through hard work and savvy business skills. Edir Macedo One of the richest spots on this list is Edir Macedo. He is the richest leader in the whole world thanks to his theological and business finesse. It was in the 70s that Macedo began his path on the Pentecostal teachings.

It’s all about norms and traditions Mac is on point for most age groups that are able read and comprehend this article. The primary reason humans study history is to be able to detect similar.

Livestream from the ministration before the Gala available here: The week-ling visit to Israel was designed to play a crucial role in the spiritual success of the believers and followers of Pastor Chris and the Church. The trip was divided into four different groups, each accompanying the Pastor at crucial moments and sites. The Holy Land Tour aims to connect Christ believers with the Land of Jesus, expanding their understanding of the Bible and scripture, and thus connecting them to the Jewish land on a new level of faith.

The entire tour was broadcasted and covered extensively by the news agencies, social media, and multiple streaming websites. The day began while one of the groups still resided in Jordan, a neighboring country to Israel. They visited the city of Jerash. It is a city of the Decapolis and the site of the ruins of a Greco-Roman city. The site is filled with historical and biblical references dating back centuries. The Biblical Holy Land is not just in Israel, it spreads out to other modern-day countries such as Jordan, making this tour an opportunity to experience new countries.

Participants expressed how amazed were they by the rich archeological diversity the site offered. The group received a warm welcome and had the chance to try traditional food and drink. The Holy Land Tour provides the opportunity not only to connect to the scripture but also to experience the diverse culture of Middle East.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – Faith To Change Your World

His mission is spreading the world of the Lord to millions around the world. Making trips to various distant locales and speaking in front of large crowds about his faith. He has a global ministry which congregates many around the world. He is pastor, teacher, minister, faith healer, television host, and bestselling author. A good one hundred thousand followers were said to have registered to attend this occasion.

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Anita Oyakhilome lovely as she attends her mum’s birthday party (photos)

Linkedin Most problems in marriages today started when individual men started forming churches and making their wife head of marriage counseling, and their wife started propagating funny doctrines with the support of their husband the Pastor claiming that husband and wife are equal. But it is not same with Bible and Quaran. Husband does not mean the male partner in a marriage, husband means master.

Man Fights Dirty With His Best Friend For Sleeping With His Fiancée In Ogun (Photo) There was drama, today, at Owode, Ogun State, as a man engaged his best friend in a fight after catching him with his ing to reports, Saka caught Ayo, red-handed, while having sex with his fiancée.

Pastor Chris, as he is popularly called, and his Christ Embassy Church, are no strangers to scandals, as they have had a sizeable load of it in the past. In , Oyakhilome was accused of engineering a money laundering scheme in Nigeria, and questions swirled around his finances because of his glamorous lifestyle.

The same year, another Nigerian pastor, Chris Okotie, had accused Oyakhilome of conniving with Pastor TB Joshua in practising necromancy as well as other unbiblical acts in order to win over a large congregation. Similarly, allegations that Christ Embassy members were reportedly being forced to give huge sums of money in offerings, with the biggest donors receiving the biggest award, had left many people concerned.

Many Nigerians had also alleged that the church operates like a cult and pressures members to marry only within Christ Embassy. Many people also remember the scandal involving Christ Embassy and Sheraton Hotel some years ago when a member of the church, who worked at the Sheraton Hotel, stole money from his employers and gave it to Christ Embassy.

But when Sheraton approached the church for a refund, the church allegedly claimed that the money had been given to God and could not be retrieved. Many had also excoriated Pastor Chris some years ago when the church began collecting gate fee from members for their New Year eve service. More recently, Oyakhilome came under attack after he claimed that Christians were free to masturbate because it was not a sin. The hostility between Pastors Chris and Anita Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy Church is getting messier, as it has emerged that Christ Embassy has deleted her pictures and personal information from its official website.

Also, on the website of the Rhapsody of Realities, a daily devotional co-authored by the erstwhile couple, there was nothing to show that Anita had anything to do with the church, as the only visible face on the website among the family members was that of her husband. However, it was too early to ascertain if the September edition of the Rhapsody of Realities still had the photographs of both the pastor and his wife, as was the case in the past. The duo had presented themselves as a model couple, who many of their followers and members wanted to emulate.

In the past, when the going was good, Anita and Chris Oyakhilome held hands on the church website and smiled broadly.

SEE Photos of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Daughter White Wedding

Will the Sparks Fly? A UK-based gospel singer, Carissa is the first of two daughters of the couple who got married in They were too good, too pious to be cheating on each other, the adherents reckoned.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Welcomes Elo Back Home! Aug 27, | Featured, LoveWorld News | 0 | Thanks to all of you who prayed along with us, and the Ogidi family, when little 4yr old Elo was kidnapped; stolen, from us, almost two months ago. The Lord delivered her, and has restored her back to us. Glory to God evermore.

WhatsApp Estranged wife, Anita, reverts to maiden name Malice is of a low stature, but it has very long arms and piercing roots. Having extended its reach in the wedlock of presumed Man of God MoG , Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, it cracked its basement and ripped his family apart inside out. Even the self-acclaimed evangelist and man of God could not summon the faith and heavenly grace to resist the devastating blows of malice and discord in his marriage.

Little wonder his marriage with his beautiful wife, Anita, crashed like a sand castle. However, rather than keep a low profile or sulk in private over his inability to save his marriage and practice what he preaches, Pastor Chris is planning to remarry. According to a source in his church, the dandy cleric is considering taking another wife.

But rather than urge him to reconcile with his wife, they are cheering him on. But Pastor Chris is reportedly not interested in any of them. Sources revealed that by the time he names his new bride, every member of his congregation will gape in surprise. Pastor Chris allegedly gave up on his former wife when it became clear to him that there was no way that they could resolve their differences and save their marriage. Previous attempts to reconcile the couple by church elders, friends and family had proved futile.

But while her husband prepares to take a new bride, Anita has reverted to her maiden name. She is now to be addressed as Anita Ebhodaghe.

5 beautiful women who are married to your favourite pastors

Are people just seeing this?! They only like it when the bible favours them Don’t conclude too quicly 2 Likes Wow

Carissa Sharon, the daughter of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome married her Ghanaian friend, Phillip Frimpong, in Lekki today, Saturday, October 6th The photo above shows the moment the couple shared their first kiss right before the bride’s father and the congregation.

The Word our Light and navigator First question! God knew after the fall of man that there will be darkness on earth and He did not want His children those who accepted his substitutionary work for them on the cross and received the new birth to walk in the darkness so he gave them His light in the form of His Word to help them live in a dark world.

For , he gave a word to guide his children and give them light through the year—to help them navigate the year safely. What was that word? Who reigns in the current dispensation? Human history is divided into a number of dispensations or time periods such as before the fall of man and after the fall of man, such as prior to the birth of Jesus and after his birth etc. Prior to the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the ruler on earth was death.

No wonder men who do not know the Lord still fear death. So in the B. But the resurrection of Jesus changed all of that. Death was brutally beaten and defeated along with sin and the grave. Question is who reigns now if death has been overthrown? Where is all the authority once held by death, hell and the grave?

5 beautiful women who are married to your favourite pastors

By Albert Masaka Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Over people were said to have registered to attend the Worship and Communion Miracle Service WCMS by yesterday but many more unregistered followers are expected to turn up for the church service whose attendance is free of charge. People had started streaming into the stadium last night to secure places. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was expected to arrive in Zimbabwe for the event anytime from last night to this morning.

He promised to disclose special news about Zimbabwe during the service today. Preparations for the global church service in Zimbabwe were almost complete by last night, with a member of the preparation team, a Christ Embassy pastor, saying they had prepared seven overflows. This week the church in Zimbabwe has been holding prayer rallies for the success of the programme at the 60 seater venue and the local pastor, Ruth Musarurwa has urged congregants to leave the venue in a better shape than has happened elsewhere they have hosted the WCMS.

| Pastor Chris Oyakhilome If God says you’ve been chosen to show forth His glory, it means you have the ability to do it. It has pleased the Father that through you, principalities, rulers and powers of darkness will be tamed and know the many sided-wisdom of God (Ephesians ).

List of the richest pastors worldwide On Jan 7, 7, 89 This is a list of the richest pastors worldwide and amazingly Nigeria produced five preachers in the Top Bishop TD Jakes 1. He is a writer, preacher and movie producer. D Jakes wears custom made suits and sports a diamond ring the size of a coin. After the foundation of the Living Faith Outreach Ministry in , it has evolved to be one of the largest congregations in Africa and has a flourishing mission in Nairobi.

Amongst his posessions are private jets. Hinn was born on December 3,

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This live stream event is slated to be the largest gathering ever of its kind. It will commence on November 3rd through the 4th starting at 6 pm. During this event, there will be time dedicated to the reading from the Rhapsody Of Realities Daily Devotionals. It is currently the No. Viewers will be educated on Rhapsody and how to use it.

According to a report by Encomium mag, the Senior Pastor and founder of Christ Embassy, Chris Oyakhilome, has stepped up his personal security.

More remarkable was when the overly excited Elo was received by the President Believers Loveworld Inc. Chris Oyakhilome, yesterday, even as tears of overwhelming joy flowed freely from the eyes of the parents. The Man of God who was visibly elated said: When I saw the videos of all your prayer sessions at home, it was a demonstration of faith. Most of the time, they will tell you, when children are stolen they are never found.

So this is a wonderful miracle, a wonderful miracle. This child is so beautiful; Lord we thank you for your grace, love and mercy. Thank you for this wonderful blessing and amazing testimony. The four-year-old went missing during a church service in Lagos. The photos showed a happy Elo with a low cut in dirty clothes, against the cleaner, nicely made hair she wore before she went missing. It was further disclosed that as soon the parents arrived in Lagos a video call was initiated between them and the police to ascertain the authenticity of the claim, during which Elo even identified her parents and sibling, and that convinced the police who have requested that the parents come to physically identify their child.

Suddenly he got a message from a woman who sent him a picture asking if that was his daughter and that she saw Elo in an orphanage in Benin.

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Some have even chosen to marry such females. But its a true saying indeed: I know a dude real well, who was in the military several years ago. He, like many others, fell in love with this chick who had a nice body.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is one of the biggest torch bearers of our Lord and savior. Pastor Chris is the president of Believers Love World Inc. and of the Christ Embassy who is involved in changing the lives of the believers with the guidance of Holy Spirit.

Anita Oyakhilome, is raging currently in the church with some members going ahead to open a Facebook page they call ‘Where is Rev. According to the pages, Rev. In one of the posts on the page, the members want to know the real truth about her mental state as there are speculations she may not be really sound upstairs, while they are also wondering if their Senior Pastor had divorced the wife without the members knowing.

In another post, the group reported the summary of an earlier speech made by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome , where he admonished his members not to question anything they see or air their opinion on any matter in the church. He pointed out in the speech, that any church where the members air their views never grows. Read the summary here: I am here for your concerns about the ongoing domestic issue with my wife and I know it affects you directly, being the ones under her leadership.

This is not an organisation or a political party, so it’s not a place for you to air your opinion or scrutinise what we do. We had a vision, started and you joined us.

Five Levels Of Relationships Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 2017