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Volume 55, Issue 2 , July , Pages Political violence, ethnic conflict, and contemporary wars: In poor and highly indebted countries, economic and environmental decline, asset depletion, and erosion of the subsistence base lead to further impoverishment and food insecurity for vast sectors of the population. Growing ethnic and religious tensions over a shrinking resource base often escort the emergence of predatory practices, rivalry, political violence, and internal wars. The nature of armed conflict has changed substantially over time and most strategic analysts agree that in the second half of the 20th century, contemporary wars are less of a problem of relations between states than a problem within states. Despite the growing number of armed conflicts and wars throughout the world, not enough attention has been paid to the local patterns of distress being experienced and the long-term health impact and psychosocial consequences of the various forms of political violence against individuals, communities, or specific ethnic groups. The short or long-term impact assessment on civilian populations of poor countries affected by war have been scarce, and studies focussing on experiences of collective suffering and trauma-related disorders among survivors are beginning to emerge in the scientific literature. The medicalization of collective suffering and trauma reflects a poor understanding of the relationships among critically important social determinants and the range of possible health outcomes of political violence. Previous article in issue.

New EU funding for global food security

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Research suggests that young people who spend more than 2 hours per day on social media are more likely to report poor mental health, including psychological distress symptoms of anxiety and depression. Numerous studies have shown that increased social media use has a significant association with poor sleep quality in young people. Using phones, laptops, and tablets at night before bed is also linked with poor quality sleep.

Body image is an issue for many young people, both male and female. Studies have shown that when women in their teens and early twenties view Facebook for only a short period of time, body image concerns are higher compared to non-users. Bullying during childhood is a major risk factor for a number of issues including mental health, education and social relationships, with long-lasting effects often carried right through to adulthood. FOMO has been robustly linked to higher levels of social media engagement, meaning that the more an individual uses social media, the more likely they are to experience FOMO.

Great Zimbabwe Warfare

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Overview[ edit ] Feminist author Diana Russell narrows the definition of femicide to “the killing of females by males because they are female”. Russell places emphasis on the idea that males commit femicide with sexist motives. Whenever these forms of terrorism result in death, they become femicides. The current usage emerged with the s feminist movements , which aimed to raise feminine consciousness and resistance against gender oppression.

We must recognize the sexual politics of murder. From the burning of witches in the past, to the more recent widespread custom of female infanticide in many societies, to the killing of women for “honor,” we realize that femicide has been going on a long time. But since it involves mere females, there was no name for it until Carol Orlock invented the word ‘femicide. As such, it seeks to highlight the killing of women for being women, a phenomenon linked closely with sexual violence enacted to punish, blame and control the actions, emotions and behaviour of women.

This data is related to how thoroughly and properly their murders are investigated, prosecuted and classified.

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Share Immigration police said the family entered Thailand in May on tourist visas. On October 23 they tried to fly to Spain via Ukraine, but were denied by the airline as they lacked Spanish visas. As they had overstayed their Thai visas by several months they were banned from re-entering the country. They are trapped as they have also ‘refused to return to Zimbabwe citing their fear for their for their safety due to unrest in Zimbabwe,’ the official said, requesting anonymity.

Airlines have been providing them with food. The family’s plight has been compared to the Tom Hanks film The Terminal above Zimbabwe’s military pushed out year-old despot Robert Mugabe in November paving the way for a transition from decades of mismanagement and authoritarian rule.

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Tune in to the first episode of FAO’s new podcast series ‘Stories from the field’ to find out how smartphone apps are helping farmers in Senegal. Social Media Join in as chefs and farmers discuss what innovation in agriculture means to them and how they can work together to achieve Zero Hunger. Get involved Applications are now open for the new International Innovation Award for Sustainable Food and Agriculture, in partnership with the Government of Switzerland.

Video Improving traditional livelihoods with modern technology in Kazakhstan’s dairy sector. Good health starts with nutrition. FAO sets global standards and works with governments and the private sector to ensure food quality and safety throughout the food chain. FAO invests in educational systems for rural communities and supports improved access to primary education and school meals in order to create equal opportunities for all and chances of lifelong learning.

FAO supports gender equality in the agricultural sector in an effort to raise levels of nutrition in local communities and improve agricultural productivity. FAO works with governments to ensure water use in agriculture is made more efficient, equitable and environmentally friendly. FAO promotes the use of renewable energies and works to ensure access to modern energy services across the food chain.

FAO seeks better economic opportunities for all by investing in sustainable agricultural practices and food systems that reduce inequalities and create decent jobs.

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The most popular platforms, and how subscribers are using them to communicate. While some of the results are not surprising, others reveal interesting and emerging trends. Be sure to take this data into account when devising your next social media marketing strategy. In previous years, one of the largest-growing age groups using Facebook were the over 60s, who were using the platform to communicate with friends and family.

In however, the fastest-growing group was the year olds. The hugely popular app is apparently down 9.

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Share this article Share ‘President, don’t be afraid,’ Mrs Mugabe said. Why should our horse be concealed? He is not talkative but he knows what he wants Mark my words, his word will be final. Her decisions have carried more weight at times than those of the country’s vice presidents, and she has been headlining her own political rallies since Mrs Mugabe right, with Robert Mugabe did not say whether her statements were aimed at next year’s election Mrs Mugabe’s decisions have carried more weight recently than those of the country’s vice presidents It is the first time Mrs Mugabe has publicly urged her husband pictured with Cuban President Fidel Castro in to name a successor While she is seen as a potential successor to her husband, she has sent mixed signals.

She has said she has no problem becoming president but on other occasions has said she has no such ambitions. She said Thursday her husband’s choice on a successor should be final. ZBC reported that she said naming a successor ‘has been the trend in other countries. Some analysts have suggested that Robert Mugabe, who visibly struggles to walk these days, could call an early election. His party’s secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo, last month said Mugabe could call an election in February or March.

He can only do that if Parliament chooses to dissolve itself. His party holds the majority there. Mugabe and his wife have warned against senior party officials anointing themselves as successors The constitution stipulates the earliest date Mugabe can call an election is in July

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And that was just my meal! Just kidding, I only had the ribs and chocolate brownie, but the food is great here, and Harare is really cosmopolitan compared with anywhere we’ve been yet in Africa. We had a good long run km through from Blantyre, Malawi this morning, through Mozambique, and managed not to hit any land mines. That’s a joke, they’ve all been cleared from that road.

With social networking starting to make in-roads into the corporate sector (eg NAB, ING), our attention turns increasingly to netiquette. However, the new medium does present some new social challenges. has produced 5 Golden Rules for Polite Social Networking: You don’t have to .

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Impact of Social Media on Political Mobilization in East and West Africa Yusuf Kalyango Jr., Ph.D. and information from the social online networks, which are used to tweet, chat, instant- such as making new friends and online dating across the globe (Fair et al., ).

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