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January 1, to February 1, Location: American Jewish Army chaplains were among the first to encounter Jewish survivors of the Nazi’s extermination campaign. One thousand American rabbis, half the rabbis in the United States, volunteered to serve in the war. Three hundred and eleven Jewish chaplains served on active duty. Of those, approximately 60 had the opportunity to help the survivors in Europe and elsewhere. AJHS organized this stirring exhibition on these chaplains drawn from its extensive holdings, including the records of the Jewish Welfare Board. September 8, to December 29, For more information, please visit www. The exhibition examines this consequential year through the eyes of American Jews, who experienced these events both as Americans and as part of an international diaspora community. February 15, to February 27, Bubby:

Australian Miniature Enthusiasts Association

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access References Alt, R. Twenty years of electronic markets research-looking backwards towards the future. The tourist in the experience economy. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism, 7 1 , 46— Consumers as resource integrators.

International Trade Statistics annualized—based on / January– Octoberf actual data Used and Remanufactured Automotive Parts Used Canada Customs does differentiate between new or used vehicles of certain types but the tariff is generaly equal.

Episode 10, January 31, – We can program computers… January 31st, Episode 9, January 24, – As the reality of… January 24th, Much of the hype around Virtual Reality, or VR, has… February 5th, Improving AI Systems with Human Feedback and no Heartburn Humans play an indispensable role in many modern AI-enabled services — not just as consumers of the service, but as the actual intelligence behind the artificial intelligence. We then use this theoretical explanation to present a new network embedding method that performs as well as or better than existing methods.

While data may not actually be any of these things, we can say this: Examining the Effects of Keyboard and Hand Representation in VR Much of the hype around Virtual Reality, or VR, has focused on immersive gaming and entertainment, but the technology also has profound implications for enhancing the way we work. Imagine the perfect office environment: VR can be used to generate the ideal virtual office—even from the confines of an airplane seat or a tiny touchdown space. At Microsoft, we are constantly looking for opportunities to learn from colleagues — both inside and outside of the company.

Rishabh Singh Episode 10, January 31, – We can program computers to do almost anything. But what about programming computers to… program computers?

The 10 Best Bookstores In NYC

An interactive online-Platform for demand side management. The potential of agent-Based simulation for assessing the bilateral-Nodal debate. A new public data set of municipal building consumption.

I think the Centre is an invaluable source of experience, especially for new entrants to avoid common mistakes and more generally to get ‘inspired’ from other SMEs, even those operating in .

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Detailed timetable calendar file In order to enable an iCal export link, your account needs to have an API key created. This key enables other applications to access data from within Indico even when you are neither using nor logged into the Indico system yourself with the link provided. I have read and understood the above. Additionally to having an API key associated with your account, exporting private event information requires the usage of a persistent signature.

For any information regarding ICT contact [email protected] Venue. Makedonia Palace is a 5 star hotel located in Thessaloniki, Greece, and is regarded as one of Greece’s most famous and prestigious hotels. University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Croatia. Houbing Song, health, environment, retail.

It was a very valuable trip and a great experience. All the meetings were very productive and very well arranged. I got a lot of important information and contacts for our future events. Siemens Thank you again for providing me with the opportunity to attend this superbly organized unique and important event. It was an honor and also my pleasure to be among the hosted buyers of your event.

The program was excellent, the organization was flawless and the entire Europe Congress team was friendly and professional at all times. Kenes Thank you very much for a great organization and very essential, valuable contacts! These were really great and fruitful business days! Forte Village Very well organized event with high quality buyers and wise used time in daily program.


The 18, square-foot Urban Outfitters store in Tallahassee will be one of less than store locations worldwide and the eighth location in Florida. The closest Urban Outfitters currently is in Jacksonville. The Tallahassee store will be located in the block of South Woodward Avenue, where the old Durra Print warehouse is located.

Event: European Pavilion at SIAL InterFood Location: JI Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Date: November , The overall objective of the EU-Indonesia Business Network (EIBN) is to work towards the enhancement of exports and investments of the EU to Indonesia, particularly by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Simulation of nonadiabatic processes on surfaces. Studies of an inductively coupled negative hydrogen ion radio frequency source through simulations and experiments. Development of a cryogenic silicon detector system and study of strange particle production in deep inelastic scattering. Multi-dimensional quantum dynamics of light molecules on surfaces. Simulation of quantum corrals. Buras, Manfred Lindner Feulner, Peter:

2013 Asia-EU Matchmaking Event Beijing

Jul 3 – 5, All day, Venue: July 3 -5 Venue: The services, available to all SMEs visiting the fair, are: Dedicated matchmaking of European SMEs and potential Chinese partners To identify and help set up sustainable business partnerships, the EU SME Centre and Koelnmesse will organise individual matchmaking sessions for you to meet with Chinese counterparts at the pavilion. Four years experience in the market case study and open discussion Ways to enter the Chinese clean energy market:

This paper describes a prototype that predicts the shopping lists for customers in a retail store. The shopping list prediction is one aspect of a larger system we have developed for retailers to provide individual and personalized interactions with.

This time, we will explore variety of topics related to Internet of Things IoT. Current forecasts predict that as much as 30 billion appliances will be connected to the internet by the year The application scenarios are unlimited: What must we beware of in the development of embedded hardware and software, if we are to profit from this development?

Which standards are available and who sets them? How can we manage to get machines and services to understand each other? Which security aspects need to be taken into consideration? Conference participants will learn from a stellar lineup of speakers, be able to share their own experiences, and will have the opportunity to network with speakers and participants during individual presentations, panel discussions, the unconference session, B2B matchmaking, and many informal social settings.

Danube IT is an ideal venue for anyone interested in information technologies and high-tech innovation: The official language of the conference is English.

eBIZ 4.0 project at “Digitisation in Fashion” matchmaking event

Which events will you visit this year to keep updated on the drone industry, develop your professional network and increase your sales? The commercial and civil UAV market is still booming: However, first bloom of drones is wearing off and now we are down to brass tacks — pinning down applications and actionable data. Attending the best commercial drone events will help you in several ways. If you participate in an international or national drone trade show, exhibition or fair as an exhibitor, you will get a platform to showcase your products to a premium audience, an opportunity to meet your target customers face-to-face, and a way to monitor what the competition is doing.

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Companies note they can repatriate funds relatively easily. When the government experiences balance of payments difficulties such as in , the government tends to impose controls on foreign exchange transactions but has showed restraint in recent years. Local business contacts claim there is also a legal parallel mechanism for conversion, i.

Exporters must repatriate export proceeds within days to settle export credit facilities. Other export proceeds can be retained abroad in a local bank’s correspondent bank. No barriers exist, legal or otherwise, to the expeditious remittance of corporate profits and dividends for foreign enterprises doing business in Sri Lanka.

Relative effects of store traffic and customer traffic flow on shopper spending

Par Avion specializes in the exclusive representation and acquisition of business aircraft whose area of expertise lends itself to a variety of small, super midsize and large cabin jets. An industry veteran, Ms. She is a passionate advocate and supporter of those charities benefitting children and animals. With over 20 years of experience in the private aviation industry, KC specializes in business development, client relations, charter services and aircraft management sales.

With his unique depth of skills and experiences he has helped grow the fleet of managed assets to over aircraft.

The event has been organized by the FORUM center in Zagreb, directed by Mara and Josip Hrgetiæ on the photo. Mr. Hrgetiæ was born in Caracas as a second generation of Croatians living in Venezuela, while his wife Mara Vitols Hrgetiæ, also from Venezuela, has Latvian roots.

The Portland Police Bureau’s Facebook page has been flooded with comments, most from citizens wondering why people can’t be left to their own devices in the backs of their cars. Posted by The Rat 8: But Nesse and Stein point out that the rest of medicine recognizes many disorders that do not have specific causes. Posted by The Rat 7: When participants were asked which of two products to buy, which of two job applicants to hire, or which of two alien creatures looked more trustworthy, right-handers routinely chose the product, person, or creature they saw on the right side of the page, while left-handers preferred the one on the left.

These kinds of preferences have been found in children as young as 5 years old And here is the same list updated for men. Analytical Classical Mechanics is the self-absorbed, older intellectual that you date because you’ve decided you’re tired of immature physical theories who refuse to grow up and take some responsibility.

He’s a bit pretentious and likes to pontificate about science as a social construct. He’s also a snob: Posted by The Rat 6: During the current millenium, there have been four major epidemics of sexually transmitted disease as noted by contemporaries. During each of those periods there seemed to emerge a sexual focus on the female foot.

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