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Bring in a second stringer, clearly. It takes a village to cover reality television. Ryan heads to Tribeca for a listing pitch. His douchie client makes him wait in a livingroom equipped for a James Bond villain, oversize fish tank and all. Finally the client arrives with a bikini babe in tow and the tour begins. Incredible Hulk wrapped sports car. Methinks this client is making up for some small, uh, attributes. He knows he can find someone to tear out all the ridiculousness and make it into a nice little home.

The douchelord bought the property in for 3. Where he sold 44 million in the first night. Mr Sell knows his business.

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Jul 07, 6: In this corner, the challenger, weighing in at 7, square feet, is Sky Loft — a two-story penthouse, sheathed in glass and set above a historic Art Deco building at Hudson St. Advertisement In the opposite corner, the champion, weighing in at 15, square feet, is The Ritz — a duplex penthouse at the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton in Battery Park City. Wait a second — this sounds like a flyweight taking on a heavyweight.

Meet Million Dollar Listing Star Ryan Serhant. Read More. September September 23, December 1, Croce’s Sunday Brunch Adventure. Join sought-after dating and relationship experts Andrea Syrtash and Jeff Wilser. Read More. July July 13,

Annie Barrett August 01, at Frederik went into business with the king of all evil Donald Trump. Man, that was a mouthful. It was all really gross, uncomfortable, and delicious, depending on how big of a scumbag you are of course. For me, Ryan absolutely came out as one of the most immature, sleaziest villains reality TV has ever seen. Stop speaking for Americans, Serhant! At one point Luis, all hyped up and ready to go, sneezed in the middle of the rock and the hard place, seemingly to break up the tension by accident — and the silence only intensified.

The whole thing was very unsettling. There are a lot of reasons to love and hate Frederik, but his hesitation about the reality TV experience definitely makes me love him. They could base an entire season around young Puerto Rican hot shot Luis… and get rid of Ryan, too. Maybe get a female broker or two in there? By the way, on WWHL, tons of viewers wanted to know if Luis felt his excessive f-bombs in business dealings made him look unprofessional after he watched himself on TV.

And he said yes!

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Yellowstone National Park is home to some of the most photographed wildlife in the world, with tourists on constant lookout for everything from grizzly bears and gray wolves to pelicans and pikas. But this summer, a reality show crew will be adding at least one new species to their must-see list: The decision by park officials to permit the production is drawing criticism from some environmental groups, while others are praising the project as a great way to draw attention to the park while boosting local gateway economies.

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Michael Moore claims his ex-wife’s lawsuit against him is nothing more than a “smear” campaign intended to “embarrass” him. Earlier this month, Kathleen Glynn, who, like her ex, is also a filmmaker, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against Michael claiming he stiffed her on profits from their joint movie projects. Michael’s lawyer, Kenneth Warner, responded to the lawsuit was an attempt to “smear [Moore] in the press with her false allegations,” according to the New York Post. The lawsuit, the lawyer said, would have remained sealed and confidential if their case had stayed in the Michigan court.

The lawsuit is “an act of extreme disrespect to the Michigan Circuit Court,” Michael’s court documents claims. Kathleen has “gratuitously included highly personal and confidential information in her petition in an apparent effort to increase public exposure and try to embarrass [Moore],” Warner wrote. As part of the the lawsuit, Michael’s finances were reported, which his lawyer said served “no legitimate purpose.

Michael and his ex worked on several films together. Moore was the featured personality, dating back to their first big success, ‘Roger and Me’ ,” Glynn’s attorney Bonnie Rabin says in the Manhattan Supreme Court suit. His team said it was no coincidence that Kathleen filed her lawsuit the day the film premiered. A court date has been set for Oct. Celeb splits of

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I suppose at the beginning. I was immediately drawn in by the prologue. One of them is Mia, our main character. It was an interesting and unique way to introduce an MC.

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He asks how married life is going for them and then Fredrik informs Zach that the last contract at Bowery had been signed. The building is finally sold out! Married man Freddie is a lean, mean selling machine. Ryan shares with Jack about how he really wants to get revenge on Fredrik because he screwed him over on a Bowery unit for his client. He asked his brother what he thinks he should do to get even with Fredrik. Jack advises him to get over it.

Ryan disagrees aaaaand they start play fighting. Luis hired some sexy singles to help sell the property. This place has pizzazz!

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Originally from Puerto Rico, he was a film director before he was a real estate agent. After graduating form high school, he studied film at the New York Film Academy- he later directed his first film, Amalia at the age of nineteen. From there, he shot another movie called, Theatre of the Absurd in In an interesting turn of events, Ortiz was later introduced to the world of real estate after trying to rent an apartment on Wall Street.

Ryan winnett November 21, at PM. (while sitting on million dollar nest eggs) makes me physically ill. I have completely enjoyed my life alone, dating, married, and now a single mom. I’m retiring within a year with a very comfortable pension (30 and out w/COLA) that includes medical benies for me and a considerable amount.

The show follows — with a little dramatic license — Serhant as one of three brokers as they compete for clients and properties. While Serhant expressed his occasional frustration with the lack of privacy, in a recent interview with the Hamilton College Alumni Review , he has ultimately enjoyed the experience. Even though his schedule now stretches from 5 a.

Upon graduating, Serhant committed to acting and moved to New York City. After a stint handing out gym membership pamphlets, he landed a role on the soap opera As the World Turns. He also performed in a number of Broadway plays and, in his spare time, he modeled. In , after a friend urged him to consider real estate, Serhant dropped his acting career and became an agent for NestSeekers International, a brokerage firm specializing in sales and rentals of apartments, homes, condominiums and luxury properties.

By , Real Deal magazine ranked Serhant as the 15th-best broker in NYC — and he was starring in a real estate-reality show. Reflecting on his days on the Hill, Serhant confesses to being a bit of a hermit. He spent long nights in the library and never went out that much. Seven years later, it’s hard to miss him. Serhant graduated from Hamilton with degrees in English literature and theatre and was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

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Ortiz in the living room of the apartment he rents in Abington House. Ortiz may want to branch out into reality dating shows. He’s had a serious dry spell — which is weird for a guy who makes more on one deal than most people make in a year — but it has left him with a world of experience on the dating front. Date by referral only. And his brand-new apartment reflects his sage approach to life.

The Puerto Rican-born broker’s Chelsea home looks like a cross between an old-school gentleman’s club and a plush bachelor pad.

Marvin Musquin – ($1 Million winner) The Monster Energy Cup is an annual showcase of the world’s top Supercross athletes in a one-night-only battle for the coveted Monster Energy Cup trophy and the shot at winning $1 million, the largest prize in motorcycle racing.

Curated by Jane Flowers Ryan Serhant has been filming ” Million Dollar Listing New York ” for a couple of years and the show has been such a huge success for the agents that Bravo has offered up several spin-off shows for the guys. While Fredrik Eklund is filming a flipping show with Bethenny Frankel, Ryan is filming his very own spin-off show about selling. Bravo pitched “Sell It Like Serhant” to Ryan, where he would be traveling the country and giving selling advice for people who are selling everything from tractors to hot tubs.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant is busy filming this first season of the show and he’s spending his weekends away from his wife to do this. However, fans will have to wait to see what this show is all about. While Ryan may only film eight episodes, which is common for new shows, Bravo won’t be airing it until next spring. Fans will have to wait Ryan Serhant confirmed that fans will have to wait to see what the show is all about.

As fans will have to wait until spring next year, it is possible that the producers want to air another season of ” Million Dollar Listing:

Million Dollar Listing NY: Meet the Brokers